Cigarette Burns

September 29, 2010
By , Lehigh Acres, FL
Sometimes I still think about how you look at me, how you stare,
I envy your other son, oh how you favor his company over mine,
But how could you, how could you dare to do this?
My arms full of your cigarette burns and my empty mistakes,
With whiskey on your breath and you words full of my agony,
You told me how I am, how I will be and where I've been,
But I know you lie, I know I shall be better than that,
You talk of my failures and push my victories to defeats,
You can try to beat me down but I shall keep my mindset,
A frivilous task you designed to torture me,
I'll do it, but don't expect me to smile,
We both know how this is meant to end, however I choose to believe it,
I awake this morning and watch the sun meet the never ending horizon,
A tear breaches my eyes, and I know I shall never return,
You cigarette burns oh cigarette burns, how they match my scars.

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