i honestly hate you ... i think

September 29, 2010
i see you in the halls
you make me sick to my
stomach.Just knowing what
you did to me knowing how
you treated me how does someone
havethe conscience to treat
someone that way i always
see you with a smile on your face
like nothing ever happened between us
do you even see me
notice how bad you
hurt me everyhting that was
good was because of you
when i was
happy because of you
when things were
great we were great and i
was content with where
i stood
now everything
is horrible and it's
all because of you
now all i do is cry
and you are so
to the
pain you've
caused me
thing are so terrible
now and i am
so lost i see
you in the halls
you make me
sick to my
stomach just
what you did
i honestly hate you. . .
i think

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