it ssucks

September 29, 2010
do you know that i was in

love before does it bother you

that it wasnt you do you know

that i cant shake him off of me do
you know that when i kiss you i really
want to be kissing him again do you
realize when i look into your eyes i want to see him when you told me you loved
me, did you think youd get the response you did did you think i really ranaway

did you think i ran away from you i wasn't just in love before i still am in

love. it kills you knowing it wasn't you kills you it isn't you now. i can't

stop thinking about him when i look at you can't even tell. you

told me you loved me and you thought i ran away from

something, when i didn't i ran to something

i ran to someone.

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PeAcElOvEnJuLiE said...
Oct. 9, 2010 at 10:21 pm
when i wrote this it was in the shape of a heArt... guess it didnt come out very well, and its why the spacing is so awkard... sorry=s
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