My Tears Tell Me

September 15, 2010
My tears speak to me and tell me I am vulnerable right now. I am finally exposed beneath the pieces, a crumbling wall of failed relationships. I sit on the floor, my head hanging down.
My tears speak to me and tell me I am broken. They know I can’t look at my reflection, because it’s only a reminder that I brought myself here. Right now I feel so ugly. And with each blink, more tears roll down my cheeks. My face, soaking wet, eyes red and swollen. My eyelashes stuck together, like little spider legs surrounding an unclear center.
My tears speak to me and tell me to cry until I can’t cry anymore. They tell me to let it all out. After all, it’s a gift that I’m able to feel emotions. Some people try to hide what they feel, but I don’t believe in lies.
My tears speak to me and tell me that I’m not alone, even though, I feel that way. Thoughts of broken promises run through my head, thoughts of you. By now the sun has gone down, and the moon is bright in the sky. I lay down on my bed.
My tears tell me to breathe. They tell me to close my eyes, relax my mind and I drift into comfort.

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