The Truth In Life

September 15, 2010
By SuicidalDreamer.. PLATINUM, Marshall, Illinois
SuicidalDreamer.. PLATINUM, Marshall, Illinois
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"Drop The World....." Or "Everything Happens For A Reason....." Or "I am jealous of every woman that has ever hugged him, Cause for that mere second. They held my entire world."

Some people think that life is all
about true love and happiness but
that all is just a lie....
Life is about who can play the game
the best....
If your a nerd or a freak your left
out cause your different....
If your a prep or a jock you fit in
cause you ither have money or are
good at what you do....
If you are old the younger generation
will make fun of you cause they
think you smell like soap or don't
like how you tell about the past
all the time.....
To most people life is just like
something to fool around with....
But I have something to tell you...
Life ain't a toy and if you take a
break from the game....You will end
up losing everything.....

The author's comments:
This is about how life is a game and the way people play their cards.....They just need to watch what they play cause they can get taken out of the game......(Btw if any of these poems suck...Well it might be because i just randomly type stuff up so yea :/)

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