Stars Are on Your Side

September 26, 2010
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Moments in the sun,
days in the night.
Flying in water,
swimming in air.

When every move feels like a knife,
and every thought hits like a thunderclap,
just remember,
the stars are on your side.

When the dark clouds your thoughts,
and the light pulls you under,
keep on fighting,
to finish the puzzle.

Each time the world is ending,
each time the blue is crashing,
just remember,
the stars on your side.

Breathe in air,
that smothers you.
Breathe out thoughts,
that strangle you.

When your words blind you,
and your love kills you,
just remember,
the years that have passed;
the stars are on your side.

When the road is a circle,
when your heart is a traitor,
just remember,
the un-opened years;
the stars are on your side.

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