Losing You Slowly. :(

September 26, 2010
By TyBoi-ink SILVER, Danbury, Connecticut
TyBoi-ink SILVER, Danbury, Connecticut
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"Maybe my life would have been better if you had never intruded. Maybe thats just the way i cope with... cope with not having you." -By Me!!

Im losing you slowly,

And it's killing me.

We never get any time together,

Minds fogged by this cloudy weather.

I never thought i'd have you,

But now that i do.. i'll be damned to let you go.

Im losing you slowly,

And it's breaking us apart.

I never knew different schools,

Could wound a human heart.

If anything is possible,

It's you and me.. 'Cuase we're god picture of perfect.

We're losing this race,

Our hearts seem to beat at a different pace.

If i know it would have been this hard,

I would have long called it quits.

But strong as i am,

I could never do that..

Im losing you slowly,

And it's killing me.

But truth be told ,

We can make this work.

Because this relationship is my life,

With you there's no hurt.

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