Stop and smell the flowers

September 26, 2010
By Michelle Fiedler SILVER, St. Paul, Minnesota
Michelle Fiedler SILVER, St. Paul, Minnesota
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I have been meaning to stop and smell the flowers
But how can I when tulips don’t sprout in the cracks of sidewalks
I step backwards toe to heal
My past my present my future my past
Looking back through the inside of a mirror

Turned up side down
Walking on the bottom
Lips flapping like a pair
Of decomposed papers
Soaking back into this earth
With the same lyrical nonsense

Ground above my head
Sky below my feet
Has this been right all along?
Not with blood in my brain and
Stars shaking their fists
To turn me right round

Hollowed from the echoes of lies
Told over and over spilling
Past teeth never stopping
To knock on wood
And recognize their empty damage

I have four brains and four minds
All at war to say this is me
Holding my breath that one day
I can fill my lungs with the knowledge of myself

On the search for a flower
As if a stationary second
Can set right a mind
Gone all wrong

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