September 15, 2010
By julie319 BRONZE, Glen Ridge, New Jersey
julie319 BRONZE, Glen Ridge, New Jersey
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It’s true
I don’t understand
I guess I just don’t get it
There must be something very different about us
Maybe our eyes see things in another light
When I see you all I can see is the pain
But when you look at yourself you see a badge
A badge of honor?
A badge of pride?
Or maybe courage?

And I guess we feel differently too
Our nervous systems must be wired uniquely
Set apart from the other humans
Because there is something in you
A glitch
A flaw
That lets you feel pleasure instead of pain
Or maybe pleasure from the pain
But all I feel
Is sick
When I touch your skin
My fingertips running over the surface of your epidermis

It makes my heart hurt
Because yours can’t hurt
It refuses to feel
Any emotion
You feel no guilt no pain
You only feel what you make yourself feel
You think you’re not hurting anybody?
You’re so wrong
You hurt me

When I look at you
I see the hurt you wrote all over your body
Behind your knees
In the crooks of your elbows
But you can’t see it
You can’t feel it

I wish you would go to an optometrist, a dermatologist, a cardiologist, a therapist
Maybe they can fix you
Sew you back together again
Open your eyes
Make your heart feel
But I can’t
I don’t know how to save you

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