Empty Words

September 14, 2010
Slowly, Slowly
Time slips away,
Slips through my incapable fingers.

Trying to grasp each memory.
Each one a numerous thought.
Thoughts of what could have been.

All those ruthless fights,
Of petty thoughtless words.

Injuring us each internally,
Until the words
“I’m done” slips out of our mouths.

These words suddenly
the release we both wished for.
For that moment…

Hours later we find ourselves in that in-escapable distress,
Wishing those words where never said.

Suddenly those fights, and words don’t hurt as much.
You look back and wish for that change,
You realize how perfect each word was.

And you wish you never said it,
You wish to go back and erase it all.

but your mumblings of sorry,
and tears are no longer what they used to be.

In the end your alone
And broken,
With the tears of sorrow,
Meaning nothing more,
Nothing more than empty words.

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