September 14, 2010
I walk closer,
Wrapped in my scarf, and gloves.
The cold air blows,
Like a much needed wake up call.

The snow crunches beneath me,
I'm at my destination,
I kick the snow off my shoes, as I get ready to knock.

I smell burnt gravy coming from underneath the door.
I hear the fighting of the children over a new toy,
And the fighting of grown ups about whos going to cook the gravy,
But they don't notice its burning now.

The door in front of me is a barrier
A barrier of the outside,
Of fresh breezes,
And even blistering cold.
Of gently falling snow,
Falling anywhere they want, never having to go anywhere.

The barrier of inside
Of fighting over toys, and gravy.
Screaming over the unbearably loud music,
Loving of whatever you do,
Forgiving of whatever you say.
f you stay outside, you could be free,
And live on your own, away from the noises.

If you go inside you have, loving people,
And loud, comforting noises.

The choice? Knock down the barrier,
And go inside,
or stay outside.
The choice where all faced with.

But yet which one is best for me.
Take a step closer,
Or take a step back?

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