The voice mail

September 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Honey, I just got back.
Are you there?
Well I can understand if you’re still mad at me.
Just call me back when you can, bye.

You’re scaring me, please answer the phone!
Look! I know I said some things that I must fix.
Now please pick up the phone.

I had a great day at school, okay, I didn’t really.
Look, I’m sorry. I wanted to get that off my chest.
I haven’t really said sorry to anyone and this….
This is the first time I’m apologizing to you.
I really want you to answer the answer the phone.
You can just tell me that you don’t want me.
Tell me you don’t ever want to talk to me.
Ever again.

I won’t stop calling you daily till you answer.
Are you there?
Try to call me later.




I think the only reason why I am calling now,
Is to tell you I love you. The police got a hold on me.
They told me about what happened.
I think I might call everyday still.
I love you, good night my love.

You really aren’t going to answer anymore.
What they said is true.
I just wish it wasn’t true.
I wish it was all a lie.
God damn it darling, I can’t stop!
All this thinking?
Why did it have to be you!?
Was she even worth it!?
Was she someone to live, kill and die for?

I’m so angry and confused!
Why did it gave to be you?
Couldn’t you have stayed home that night?
I love you darling but I have to do to bed now.

I went to see the doctor.
Okay, it was the psychologist!
I can’t lie to you!
I went to see him because I was so upset.
Everyone says that I need to get over you.
But I can’t.
I loved you more than anything!
How can I get over this!?
I love you!!!


I’m not used to sleeping alone.
You not there worries me.
I look for you and feel for you.
But you’re not there.
What do I do?
Please just answer the phone!
I need to here your voice again!

Hey hone, I’m sorry I didn’t call for those three days.
I was testing myself.
I’m feeling a lot better now.
I’ll call you tomorrow. Good night.

Hi. It’s me again.
Sorry. It’s been a month.
To be honest, I think I’m better.
I need to go now. Good night.

Okay I can’t lie to you anymore.
I met someone and it’s been fun.
I miss you and love you still,
But I’m not mourning about you anymore.

Okay. In the past I was mourning over you.
Now I’m okay.
I’m not angry about you going off to the war.
That child you saved, I was just angry because…
Well I was selfish about you.
I didn’t want you to die.
I wanted you to be here with me.
Now I’m okay.
Good night.

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This article has 1 comment.

AnonyMiss GOLD said...
on Oct. 14 2010 at 9:51 pm
AnonyMiss GOLD, Houston, Texas
16 articles 1 photo 30 comments
fantastic work! i love how you didn't develop the entire idea until the very end, it kept me wondering


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