Drifting Into Sleep

September 25, 2010
When everybody falls asleep before you at a sleepover
Don’t you feel unbelievably lonely?
Trying to occupy yourself because you’re confused on why sleep hasn’t invited you to its garden of story?
Your friends’ souls floating somewhere in Africa
Having the same dream
And you’re the only stationary light around
To explain why the desk is a desk
And your feet are your feet
You wonder about evolution or what that bug looks like really up close…
You drift into concentration
Wondering about world
Your eyes are kind of doing that droopy thing
But you shake your head
No, no, no
She is in the state of meditation
Where a mind may rarely go
…you only enter this realm
when you’re the only conscious soul
and all of a sudden, with one big
the desk is not a desk anymore
and your right foot is missing a toe…

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