September 25, 2010
By fallcandles BRONZE, Lake Forest, Illinois
fallcandles BRONZE, Lake Forest, Illinois
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when i learned about being human i
went the other way and climbed the hill by
my house, separating the street and the sky. I never thought i would
but I told you if the light was still good

(children like pirates or love
found would make this a fine prairie play ground.)

you were all laughing your hearts sick so
i went to the trees and I watched the weeds
grow out to the twisted thicket I’d tripped on my head. and said i’d be fine
as long as the shadows were longer than mine

(i smashed a path through the bristle thorn scratches my leg and my breath’s

i climbed the hill that i never grew up with i took the seeds that i never got wishes
from i crushed the leaves that had never touched
ground yet and i never thought it was something i’d do
with no pair of eyes that looked kind of like you

(children like pirates or love
found spinning a tale for the play ground.)

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