And I love you...

September 25, 2010
From the shine in your eyes, and the quiver of your lip,

I knew you had something on your mind.

something that you wanted to say.

I hold your gaze,

prying the answer from the depth of your deep blue eyes.

You take my hand, and pull me closer.

Whispering in my ear, in the softest whisper.

You murmur, I Love You.

and as my heart squeeze,

I repeat the words

as easily and naturally as mirror immitates an image.

From that moment on,

I knew my dream had come true.

My heart has a new Keeper,

one who will stay,

one who will keep me safe,

from the dark of night,

to the light of day.

Such a big change is jump-started

from such a small promise

of I love you...<3

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