September 25, 2010
Your Red Sox Phiten, always on.

Your favorite shirt...the one with Elmo on it.

Your perfectly long hair, always in the right place.

Your smile, so wonderful, so warming.

Your laugh, its hilarious...

even though it doesn't have to be, you are so funny.

I write your name on my hand, but erase it quick.

You're in all my classes, and you make me day bright.

When my friends ask, "What do you see in him?"
I always say, "Everything you don't,"

I've known you for almost one month,
and i know its petty.

At least you like me too, it makes me feel better.

You play hockey, and there's nothing cuter.

But i still can't admit, that i like you, to you.

I'm scared.

But i promise, it wont be for long.

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