Stay strong

September 28, 2010
By Nicole Berendt BRONZE, Greenwich, Ohio
Nicole Berendt BRONZE, Greenwich, Ohio
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Stay strong,
Hold on
Don't let go now

You've made it this far
not to give up and turn around

Look up, see the sky
Know that everything will be just fine

Eventually the pain will subside
There's better days on the other side

Stand tall and keep up
There's no time to fall back down

Smile big and be tough
There's no reason you should cry

Everything will be just fine
Everything will be alright

There's nothing holding you back but you
There's nothing here to keep you down

Box away the pain
Let it drift away

Just know that there are better days
Just know that there are better ways

There's a path for you
There's a path for me
Don't look back just move your feet

Let the rain be your tears
Let the sun be your smile
Let the rain wash your tears away
Let the sun brighten your smile everyday
Let the rainbow show there's proof
That everything will be okay

Let in hope,
let in peace
let out grief

Hold on,
Stay strong
You can't give up now

The author's comments:
You can't give up even when you feel like that's all there's left to do.

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