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September 11, 2010
By andrewbr PLATINUM, Reno, Nevada
andrewbr PLATINUM, Reno, Nevada
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"ive been holding my ground so long that i cant lift my arms". -Andrew Betts-Randolph

My smile is cracked
The chips are stacked
I went inside the graveyard
I'm the grave keeper
Going plot to plot
Season to season
Reason without reason
I'm holding my ground
But I'm pushing daisies
Standing with the psychos and crazies
Sitting with the meek and lazy
There's a heaven above
But hell is so much closer
I live by a black river I'm homeless
But I'm not hopeless
I just need a shot
But the chambers empty
I'm the mayor my towns empty
I'm running
I don't know what from
Air burns my lungs
Tall tree shorter rope I'm hung
Finding hope in the loneliness
Holding hands in the dark
Staring at times sands
I can't move up
Till I move on
I'm the living dead
Eyes bloodshot, red
A shot of led
Made more sense in my head
I'm walking forward
Lifting my face out of the water
The air hits
And it doesn't burn
It cleanses
My muscles tense
I throw myself on rinse
Not a baptism by water
Nor fire but
By air
I take a deep breath
Awaken in a cold sweat
Was that real
All those things I feel
No that couldn't have been a dream
I stand up
Walk down
Take a left
Is this right?

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