Little Angel

September 9, 2010
By Anonymous

I sit here staring out this window all alone,
Like I have always done before.
Battled bruises on my face,
Like war in a soldiers scars left untreated and forgotten.

She plays comfortable in her room.
Protected sharply by her walls.
Walls I set,
For the fast eleven years.
The things she sees and hears are covered by lies

The house creaks with every move,
Every stomp by the drunken buffoon .
He alone will be the downfall…..
The downfall of us both!

I might not escape as my full self,
But she will escape the pain and the sorrow.
As long as she is trapped here,
Ill take the hits and take the pain

My arms are covered in the scars from not only myself,
but from many others.
The feelings of hate rush through my veins,
Uncontrollable sense of rage floods my brain,

When I think of that filthy man,
laying his hands on that little angel,
With the stench of alcohol and urge to hurt,
My sister.

Seventeen long years trapped here.
Only one more to go.
Ill take her away before she has to endure,
What I have been made to.

Ill save her from the life he has made for us.
Becoming a man at the age of five,
The day my mom had Claire,
She passed away.

That dread filled day dad cursed the world,
Claire was the only thing of mom left.
He hated it.
He wanted her back,
Not some kid….

The author's comments:
the love of my little sister and the events of my past

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