Simply Elegant

September 9, 2010
Tall and slender
Dresses that fall to the floor
High divine heels
And polished men
Shining like gems
Sharply in the city light

With a gifted tongue
And touched
With a hint of somber


Your eyes glisten for the glitz and glam
Of easy money
And easier sex
You like to think it a challenge
A game you won’t play unless
You can stack it in your






Here though
We find an epiphany

The dark before the dawn
A cliché
Made-up new in a way,
Not another satellite
A moon
That hides in the glare of predictability
Why can’t you see all the possibility?
In this vague vagrant's vanity
And strength of mind

Offered for you,

Ah but this bum sees
For all your boastful prose
When a spider comes along
Too wise to play you and your game
You lose all interest
In a diamond
That refuses to shine for the sun

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