September 9, 2010
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You slowly slide down the zipper
To my worn out blue jeans,
I can listen to the beats of my heart
Pounding and pounding, regret
Overwhelming my body; but this love,
This love, is not supposed to make me feel empty.

My heart beats to an empty
Echo of my zipper,
Slowly opening, because this is love,
This is love where you take off my jeans,
Where you convince me I do not have regret,
You tell me I am in your heart,

And you make me start to shake, my heart
Fluttering, I look up, your eyes empty,
Do you have regret?
Do you question your intentions as you pull down my zipper?
Should you pull off my jeans?
Do you really love

Me? Or do you only love
My insecurity, and my weak heart?
I am nervous as you slide off my jeans,
I have no more thoughts, I am empty.
When you pulled down my zipper,
You told me to leave behind my regret.

I am now regretting
This feeling I thought was love,
That once overwhelmed me into letting you unzip
My pants. The beating to my heart
Slowed, and now my bed was empty.
On the floor were my jeans.

As I slipped on my blue jeans,
I lifted them up, sliding off my regret,
Leaving my weakness behind. No longer empty
Inside, I realized I did not have love
For you in my heart
When you pulled down my zipper.

I zipped up my jeans
I closed up my heart, and let go of regret,
And the thoughts I had of love, but I still felt empty.

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