My World

September 7, 2010
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When I close my eyes
The world is always glowing
With technicolor symphonies
And harmonizing laughter
I can feel your heartbeat drumming
In a festive syncopation
That contrasts beautifully
With my six-string guitar
For within my eyes, inside my head
I can play any instrument and sing any song
My imagination paints pictures
Of what my mind can't comprehend
And my spirit illuminates them
Like thousands of lightning-bugs
And my world shines so brightly, a constellation
Of what will never really come to pass
The air smells of vanilla and tangerine
And tastes like menthol cigarettes
The sun is violet, the sky is snow white
Raindrops fall from the ground
Clouds are made from daisy petals
And you are the center of this world
You plug the hole that would suck it all into oblivion
Grounded, motivated, you refuse to leave
My dreams are sweet, succulent like ripened fruits
And artificial sweetners
My fingers intertwine yours, our eyelashes kiss shyly
Our children are the stars that shine at night
In my world, they are the twinkle in your eyes
I wish I could keep my eyes closed
For the rest of my days
So you could never leave me.

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