Running Away

September 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Oh, I remember Daddy would come home from work
And then they would get into a fight
About something useless
Leaving me in my room crying all night

To block out their mean words
I listened to Hilary Duff
Wondering if my friends were out
Doing family stuff

But, I could never forget the day
When my mom screamed to my dad
That her and I were running away

I was so scared
But I didn’t want to hide
I loved those nights
Where Daddy and I played outside

I was only four
And my fun was taken away
Without knowing it
I said goodbye to nights when we played

So, sometimes Mommy and I would leave
To live on our own special place
Every day I’d wake up
And wouldn’t have to be lucky
To see my mom’s smiling face

But this never lasted long
A couple weeks later
There would be a for sale sign
On our front lawn

Whenever I asked why we’d go back
She mumbled something
About him being sober
But he never was
So I got to relive this over and over

Yes, they’d fight
And when things got too bad
We’d find our own place
And then soon be back with Dad

I guess that’s what happens when you’re four
You don’t have a say in life
And if your parents fight
Well, it’s one of your many sacrifices.

The author's comments:
If one of your parents were/are abusive, then perhaps you know where I'm coming from.

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