September 4, 2010
At first is a warm embrace that is sought
The need to pull closer starts
She tugs on his shirt as he swims his palms around the back of her waist
Clothes now seem extremeqly unconfortable, the need to have skin against skin builds up
She pulls back, he thinks he went too far
She stares with soft eyes, the reply is the same
He changed his mind and just kept holding her
Her lips spread side to side to make a sweet smile
She bites her lip and touches his neck
He touches her cheek and moves his fingertips to the back of her neck
He lowers his head, she closes her eyes quietly, and he places his lips on her left cheek
She smiles more and gets closer.
She stands on her toes and moves her mouth to his
Moving her lips against his from side to side,as if passing on chapstick
He finally splits his lips and shapes his mouth with hers
Back and forth each others lips are sweet and soft
Its hard to let go
Then his mouth just let's out warm air,making everything a little more intense
She does not reproach even though its strange
She moves around him and they both are surprised
More intense now, breathing hard, and his hands tight behind her neck
After what feels like ages to others, and seconds for you, they let go.
Her hands hold his shirt like a fighter would
His hand holds her waist and the other her cheek
He kissed the top of her head and she smiles
She kissed him again, small tickling kisses this time
At last she pulls back and says good bye, and "see you next time love"
He smiles and walks away from her porch
She goes to her room and sleeps with a smile that spreads from each side of her face
A loving kiss
A beautiful kiss
They haunt you in your dreams to make you remember each part of it
These kisses are memories that will never leave your lips
They show compasion and love
They make you hungry for more
They always do,
What to do when that hunger is back?
Is the thrist for blood the night creatures posses
It fades when the passion for him is gone, little by little
Is it lust? To want it? Is it love? How do we know the difference?
They are both raging passions that hunger for more, more of him, his lips and himself.

When is wanted is wrong, when is received is strong and purging
When is roproached is confusing, a sick self control
Restraining the burning desire inside because it is what's right
When we choose, as humans, for the better or for the worse

It just shouldn't be done
Love, lust, hunger, need, impulse, adrenaline: the trigger
The provoking danger that will lead to unexpected feeling that will not be controlled

Nightfall does not protect anyone, and when the sticky saliva from him is like a branding coat, after he kisses all but her shadow
The it ends
There will be nothing to go back to but the memories
The memories of a lover, a friend, a nocturnal companion, the one who's name changes with time.
Just keep letting them into your heart until there's one locked in.

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