September 4, 2010
By , Odenton, MD

These walls aren't holding me in like they did
And the floors simply fading away.
When left with nothing to stand on
You’re left with nothing at all.

As I ponder where to spend my hours falling
A thought seems to strike my saundered brain,
If the yellow pill gave me what I needed,
Whats keeping him from taking it back?

The yellow pill gave me my peace back
By showing me a new kind life.
A life of challenge, defeat, and woes that are bounded,
With victory.

This life entailed euphoria, a mood of simply the best.
And the love that falls between it and I and lifts us up
Into his most heavenly of residency.
A life, you could say, you could die for in a way.

This life bumped us around from one heaven
To the next, feeding us its temptation-wrapped joy.
Nestling in our love together were smited by the hand
Of our one true nemsis that creeps on our necks and beats on our hearts.

Yes, I’ve heard the word before.
Whispered by the doctors to the parents as a warning of such,
Such unimaginable pain.

Yet as I’m facing this beast, sweating the cold sweat of shamed
Misery, I find my mind spinning and spewing back to the same
Tranquill thought;
If only this life should nestle my love with me once more.

Should only this life should grant my one wish,
I’d be floating on such clouds of yellow cotton
Stroking and cooing in my loves ear.
Should only I be blessed with such more.

Where did the tranquility and the nirvana of this life
Go? Where could it possibly have run to
And leave me in the dust?
The bottles werent empty and the counter was still half full.
The yellow pill gave me my peace back
And snatched it from bloodshot eyes.
The love and the dreams weve shared were left to
Burn in the fiery bowl.

Still bottles werent empty and the counter half full,
Yet the life had slipped from straight beneath my stance.
And when you’re left with nothing to stand on,
You’re left with mothing at all.

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