A Walk Through The Rain

September 4, 2010
By Anonymous

A lonely girl walks through the rain,
She says it’s the best time to cry because the water hides the pain.
The tears that stream down her face are disguised as rain drops,
She’s at the end of the road and comes to a stop.
An outsized puddle stands in her direction,
She slightly bends over and looks into her reflection.
She isn’t looking at herself, but the world through her eyes,
The agony, the loneliness, the hurt, and the lies.
A poor young girl with the world as a boulder,
So great, and so heavy, and it lays upon her shoulders.
The world is so vivid and the world is so bright,
But why does it feel so dull and black and white?
What does she really have in this world?
The question of a woman, and she is just a little girl.
There is no one there to wipe her tears,
No one there to say “I am here”.
She pleads for someone to answer her prayers,
But she is still left outside cold and in despair.
A lonely girl in an even lonelier world,
Her clothes soaking wet and her hair is all curled.
And once it seems like everything has fallen apart,
That is when even worse things begin to start.
Left all alone and she doesn’t understand why,
Such a beautiful girl and so empty inside.
The reflection in the water is ever so void,
She cannot bare to see herself so destroyed.
Her hand smacks the water and wrecks the reflection,
No longer will she bare all of the rejection.
She turns back around and runs down the street,
Runs and runs down toward the creek.
The only fond memories she has ever had were there,
A time in life where she had no cares.
As she arrives she steps toward the raging stream,
Looks into the water and bursts out with a scream.
She has no purpose and no direction,
She has no guidance and no protection.
And in her eyes life is not worth the pain,
All of her joy, and her spirit is drained.
She looks into the gray sky with rain beating her face,
Heaven seems like such a peaceful place.
Surrounded in clouds and warmed with light,
A place so peaceful and full of delight.
Where angels sing and air smells sweet,
She begs and begs “Please take me!”
She closes her eyes and lifts her hands,
Above the roaring rapids is where she stands.
With this leap of fate she takes her life,
Doesn’t look back and doesn’t say good bye.

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