The Lost Romance

September 14, 2010
By Mjsskate BRONZE, Alta, Wyoming
Mjsskate BRONZE, Alta, Wyoming
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He passed her in the street, She watched him go by
He didn’t look back, She didn’t pursue

Who knows what would have come, if he had stared at her then
The lost romance will never, be found again

Maybe it would have held coffee dates, or walking in the moonlight
Boating on a river, and tea by candlelight

Christmas at his cottage, Thanksgiving at her flat
Something here and there again, who knows what would have happened

If the romance hadn’t been lost, maybe wedding bells would have chimed
Wine glasses would have clinked, and she would be a bride

Children would run in a couple of years, Hammers would clang on a house
Flowerpots would be planted, all in the little family home

Who knows what would have happened, had they bumped into each other
Instead of passing by, on that cold and stony street

The things that I have said might have come had they met
But it will never be, it is a Lost Romance

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