This Gift Called Love

September 14, 2010
Slowly you chip away,
You chip away at my walls,
The walls I’ve so carefully built,
Built to keep you out,
The shell of my heart is flaking,
Falling like new-born white snowflakes,
The tips of my fingers are shaking,
Trembling at your slightest touch,
My breaths are coming in gasps,
Making it feel like too much,
My heart, like chocolate, has begun to melt,
What is this? This feeling which I have not felt,
How is it? That it feels so right?
Feels so right, when you look at me?
Is this some sort of magic? Or is it,
Some sort of celestial gift, given by,
The Grace of God, and God alone?
Yes! That is it! A gift from God above!
A gift so great and grand and pure!
A gift that we call love!
The Angels rejoice when we praise the Lord,
Standing together, hand in hand,
And the Angels sing, and the Heaven’s declare,
A song heard throughout the land,
Because I love you, and you love me,
And He loves us for sure,
So together side by side we’ll be,
For now and forever more,
Heart joined to heart, soul joined to soul,
Starting our new life together,
Like a lamb, or a newborn foal,
A plan of our own, here, is not needed,
Because of God’s plan for us, soon to be completed,
And the evils and impurities,
We shall help to be defeated,
Because He came for the weak,
He came for the lost,
For the weary and the restless,
So we lift our hands in praise,
Thanks to the gift from God above,
This gift so great and grand and pure,
This gift we know as Love…

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