September 14, 2010
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My body trembles.

My mind wanders.

The fear overwhelms me.

The gas overpowers me.

The chamber swells.

Men cough,

Children cry,

Women moan,

I choke.

Seconds seem like minutes.

Minutes seem like hours.

The floor becomes a haven and the

lifeless bodies become my armor.

The vault opens.

The fire pit begins to flood with

friends and family.

What's happening?

I shout, but words don't form.

My heart throbs.

My arms relax.

My eyes grow dreary.

Memories pass through me.

My childhood, my wedding,

my Children. . .

The fire soars through me.

My flesh burns.

Bones crackle.

Skin sizzles.

Eyes pop.

I become ashes.

My remains are thrown out like


The wind blows,

I'm free, somewhat. . .


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