Give it ALL to GOD!

September 14, 2010
By BreeM BRONZE, Visalia, California
BreeM BRONZE, Visalia, California
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Terribly Unhappy, Unhappy for not being happy
Many times I've cried myself to sleep
Cause I was frustrated
Frustrated towards the people I love
Frustrated, Angry, Stressed, Hurt
Cause I couldn't contain my needs
Needs to control a situation
To control how fast my mind moves
To control my family, and their time
To control my anger, my ways, my life
Even trying to control the need to cry right now, and becoming angry because I'm not succeeding at it.
Looking to the sky several times and just thinking "God it's all your fault that I'm dying from my thoughts"
Not thinking what God has done for me in the past,
Not thinking how he's still with me at the moment and always will be!
It's me who left him....
Christ is still waiting, waiting for me to ask
Ask him to help me, to carry my weight
My burdens, my life!
All I wanna do is control life myself
But I have to remember I don't have to
Cause there's a GOD in heaven who died for me and died for others.
So we don't have to feel this way, so we don't have to carry the stress, anger and pain all on our own
God is there and he will always be!
He's waiting for your call!!
Go to him and let JESUS take CONTROL
Let him help you!
Freedom is just down the road!
God Bless!

The author's comments:
At the moment when I wrote, I was going through a very difficult time and I wanted life to go my way so I wouldn't have to deal with the pain, heartache, stress, depression and anything else that doesn't sound pleasant...
I would take all my anger out on my family and I regret it, I've hurt many of them for no reason at all but I just didn't know where to vent it out. I started going back to church and I started talking to God again. I had several questions, not all of them were answered but most of them were. It was just something I had to let people know, in case their going through the same thing that I went through. I know people out there think their all alone, but there really not! God has helped me overcome many, many things in life, losing my brother, father, and unlce in the same year month after month. Through those times, od was always with me, he really was. I thank him so so very much for that, I couldn't of done it without him :)
He's there people, just seek him out and he's not even a foot away, he's a prayer away! Thank You for listening to my poem and story!
God Bless You All! :)

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