Loved and Lost, Never Loved at All?

September 25, 2010
The softening in your eyes, as you untangled my lies. Finding the truth and with that my heart. The soft handling of my love, cradling and caring for it. Like it was as delicate as a snowflake, that can desiccate, leaving you with only the memory of its beauty to haunt you. Your soft touch, always hesitant, Innocent and loving. It penetrated through those barriers. Reaching to my soul, shattering the armor coating it. Revealing a love, untouched and pure. In you, within your love for me. I found the Truth. The key to feeling beautiful with my imperfections shining through. Knowing our time was limited, made it all the sweeter. Like the infamous Romeo and Juliet. Doomed and starstruck lovers. I knew that an end was coming near. Each moment, stolen or deserved, touch, word, I cherish. But when our time had ended, the breaking of my heart was distinct, as the large piece you held severed from the whole. In your eyes, I saw that same torment. It hurt. And like that snowflake, the memory of its beauty and wonders are there to tantalize and afflict forevermore. But at least, I know that dead men had it right. Because it was better to loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

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