That beautiful song

September 25, 2010
By brittneyh SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
brittneyh SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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Your destination isn't mapped out for you by someone. You map out your destination not only for yourself, but by yourself. -Brittney Harvey

&&. It's much easier to run when you've got something to chase.

The heartbeat is my favorite song.

It has that soothing sound like waves to an ocean.

When you’re listening to it you feel at peace with yourself.

The best part of this song is that it’s inside of you.

So that means you can hear it whenever you want to.

Its steady beautiful pace….
But you can only hear that beautiful song when you’re in love when the puzzle is put together, with no missing pieces.

But if someone comes and shatters the heart all the puzzle pieces shatter to the ground.

Then someone else has to come and pick up the pieces, and put the puzzle back together.

And you have to hope that the next puzzle is built stronger than the last

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