The truth

September 25, 2010
By xwishingonbutterfliesx GOLD, Williamstown, New Jersey
xwishingonbutterfliesx GOLD, Williamstown, New Jersey
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It's time for the truth to come out
It's time for you to know how I feel
About us breaking up
Time to show what is real
I've been hiding the truth
The fact from you
When we broke up it did hurt
I did double think about the decision we made
I drew you name in the dirt
With hearts all around
Trying to think if me making the first move
Was what I wanted to do
I am trying to move on
But I know that before I can
I have to tell you how I feel
When we had it end
I didn't think much at first
I convinced myself it was best
Then I started to miss it so much
I would cry in my bed
Then I brought myself back together
Looking at other guys
Started to think that I would be fine
That my life is alright
But then for some reason
When I saw a picture of you
I wanted to cry
Because I can't have you
Now I'm back to the start
At the beginning again
Trying to move on
And trying to get it threw my head
That we are done
That we are only best friends
It wont be easy
But it must be done
So to help do that
I wrote this for you
So you can know all of the truth
That I miss you
I miss us
I think I still love you

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