The End

September 24, 2010
You've reached the end of the road
So dark and merciless it shall be
This is the place where hell has let loose
Your own personal nightmare has arrived
The pain you've dished is coming back around
So prepare to suffer it's your turn now

The agony is insufferable and irrefutable
You'll cry so much until you can no longer cry
Your bones will ache and your mind will twinge
Your insides will twist in turn with every single twitch

It's so dark and the ceiling drips with blood
The entire place smells of rotten corpses
Any day is spent in pure horror
There's no one to come and save you
You've brought this upon yourself
To think you believe you were only going 6 ft under
Rather than the millions of miles below where you belong

So your fate has been decided
You will forever remain here
Tormented in the depths of hell
You've reached a dead end
And there's no going back ever again

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