My Best Friend

September 24, 2010
Yes, it was a bad day at school
I slam my bedroom door
Turn the radio up full blast
And let music flow through me
Angry, sad, confused, overwhelmed
Reflecting on my moods
You tell me to get my shoes
We’re going shopping
Great, just what I need
You put Disney songs on
Volume close to damaging point
We sing along, me mostly grudgingly
We start playing slug bug
I get a sore arm from it
I slowly start to giggle
We pull into the parking lot
And walk into the store
Ogling at boots
With heels four inches tall
We look at all the Christmas stuff
Wondering where summer went
We sniff the scented candles
Like we always do
We stare at jewelry
And try some on
We smell perfume samples
Have a pillow fight in bed and bath
We leave carrying my new shoes
We go to the grocery store
I’m absolutely beaming now
I help you pick out cantaloupe
You show me how to tell
If they’re ripe or not
We stop by the bakery
To get a free sample
A cookie, which you can’t eat
You say it makes you feel better
We leave again and drive home
I give you a big hug
And go to my room again
But this time to think
A lot of kids my age don’t like you
But a lot of kids don’t know you
I know so much better

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emergingtalent said...
Oct. 5, 2010 at 4:21 pm

woah! i just saw that a line is missing! It's supposed to say,

A cookie, which you can't eat

I give you a pat on the back

You say it makes you feel better



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