Path To Freedom

September 24, 2010
By Anonymous

Stand here for two seconds.
What do you feel?
Is it hurt, anguish, or lonlieness?
Yes, you say?
Then I have stood there as well.
Maybe even layed there
Just trying to cry into my sleep hoping.

Look into this mirros,
Just a glimpse is needed.
A crack goes across it?
I remember my fear of what I saw.
Everything made me believe in false color
Purple, green, blue, red, and black is all I knew.
Touching them to blend the pain.

Now walk across this grave place.
You see there twin stones
One of them with my name.
Now what the other one?
I'm so sorry sister
But we will be safe here.
Mommy and Daddy will no longer cause us pain.

The author's comments:
Many times children are abused but none of them will speek up about their tramas. This can most of the time lead to their own death.

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