The 'Perfect' Dessert

September 24, 2010
By Anonymous

My family
Is an ice cream sandwich

My mum
Is the top biscuit,
Because she dose not blend well with the bottom biscuit

My eldest sister
Is the first layer of ice cream,
Peanut butter ripple,
Because at first she seems ordinary,
But when you take a bite, you find her hidden goodness

My stepmother
Is the middle cookie,
Because she blends with everyone well enough

My littlest sister
Is the second layer of ice cream, lemon;
She is sweet, but completely sour when not properly handled

My dad
Is the last biscuit,
Because he dose not blend well with the top biscuit

And me?
I’m the drink,
Not always needed or wanted at all
But always there

Watching from off the plate

My best friends,
Katie and Anna Lee,
Are the sugar and cream,
Always there when I need them,
And I can tell them anything

And we’re always together

My family, The ‘Perfect’ Dessert

The author's comments:
This poem is a metaphor poem.

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