Daddy's Little Girl

September 24, 2010
By Anonymous

Pink painted walls
and plush pink pillows lay
while stuffed animals sit
silently watching sunshine
memories of a 6 year old
fade into my mind
That room where I slept soundly
and played eagerly is gone
so is that little girl
no more is there an angelic face
surrounded by curls
smiling up at you
no more "Daddy, I Love you!"
no more me and you
yet I still wait anxiously
for the phone to ring
and to hear your voice telling me
I'm still "Daddy's Little Girl"
Even though the chain that linked
us is broken
And my tears have run dry
I want you to know that
that little girl still lives on
waiting in a room full of pastels
and a plush green carpet
waiting to hear a giant's footsteps
echo in the hall
and burst through the door
like a ray of sunlight
to scoop up his little girl
his then only child
and whisper "I Love You"

The author's comments:
My relationship with my father has dwindled over the years to the point of nothingness. So for 8th grade, I decided to make this my poem.

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