Once again.....

September 24, 2010
Once again I'm in love....
Once again I have let my heart down
But for how long this time is what I keep askin myself....
Since he left me all I have been is
a hot mess that didn't know where to go or what to do....Until now...
When I'm around him I just can't
help but smile...When he shows affection towards me it warms up my once broken heart....
He is everything I could ever want
and more....But I feel like there
is still something missing...
And I know what it is....It's the
one I loved more than anything in
this world....It was the one that
had my heart for so long then left
without even a word to me.....
But even though he is gone I will
manage...For I have someone that I
care about and he cares about me
too...Thank you baby for giving me
love and something to live for again......<3

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