One Word I do not Understand..'WAR'

September 24, 2010
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Silent tears ooze out
nostrils dilated, still
by fear,agony,gushes of pain
physically forgotten,its the brain
which hurts the most,now.

Standing alone,hearing cries
screams from the beloved
helpless yet,panic none
just little lines of wonder
set out on a broad forehead
who are those people?

standing with a mighty gait
armed with impressive weapons
aiming at everyone they see
a slight trigger and a shot
puts to endless sleep,humanity
why are they rushing out?

equalling their awkward behaviour
their crazed expressions,my own
family exhaling pride,fighting
arguing for rights,I am confused
why do those innocent fields
allow these brothers to act as such?

Just yesterday the sky was bright
birds sang,and we played heartily
yet now I am confined in my hut
hear bangs,see smoke and black clouds
ask why this is happening,what it is
A word I do not understand I get...... 'WAR'

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