Cosmic Freak

September 23, 2010
By xkissofcrimsono SILVER, Little Silver, New Jersey
xkissofcrimsono SILVER, Little Silver, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"There is no progress; like a crab on LSD, culture staggers endlessly sideways." -Rem Koolhaas

Like a speck of dust
In a rain storm—
Floating down gently
While drops pummel the ground
Into oblivion
Beneath tiny fists
That harm only dust
Except for a speck.
So maybe she’s a ballerina
With a talent
For the absurdity
Of life
That is archery,
And he has
The mind of a god
With the heart of a cynic,
But it’s all
Just that human tick
Called individuality.
One monkey learns to read,
Another loves to sing,
And suddenly
Everyone’s capable
Of almost anything.
So unique
For all our samness
On this vast expanse
Of dirt
In the middle
Of nowhere.
That one cosmic freak
Learned to speak
Giving us song
And dance.
Maybe all we need
Is a chance.

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