North Star

September 23, 2010
By PaulitaTopeka BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
PaulitaTopeka BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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I’ll write a little something
For someone I never knew
I’ll create some words
And tie the phrases
Just to make something, anything
Worth a sort of memoriam to you

Small as a pebble
With little fingers and toes
Bright eyes, yet to see the world
But, the sounds are all too familiar
Your mother’s laughter; like the flow of silk over skin
Your father’s voice; soothing like a soft melody
You know them naught
But, love them already

Before you know
They hold you close; arms so secure
Warmth all over
You small hands grasp their thumbs
Holding on tightly
You smile; who knew the world was so perfect?
Eyes twinkle down at you; like stars from the evening sky
They coo at you softly, saying your name
Thanking everything that they now have you
You speak back, soft sounds of understanding
They are your protectors

You shake your little fists and swish your small feet
Movement is what you’re aiming for
You want to follow mommy and daddy
Things are so simple, life so serene
Your small intakes of breathe are all they need
All they need to know you’re okay

Suddenly, abruptly
Thing have shifted under
You don’t know what’s going on
Mommy and daddy aren’t here
You feel alone; but you’re still warm

You’re watching it all from above
They collapse in tears
When they realize that you’ve gone
You reach for them with your small hands
You don’t comprehend, but you don’t like the sight
You realize they can’t hear you
They can’t see you, no longer feel you
They don’t understand
They don’t want to know
They don’t want to believe
It isn’t right
It isn’t fair
Why you?
Why them?
Why this?


You watched it all from your little world
You helped them through it
Whether they knew you wiped the silent tears away or not
Whether they felt you near when they felt alone or not
You held their hand when they were afraid
You smiled when they were blissful
You help them sleep at night

You watched as they were born
You brothers, your sister
You gazed at their childhood
You kept them safe, even if they never knew
You were always there, making things just a little more bearable
You kissed every cut, bump and bruise
You touched their lives, even if they never knew
You love them with everything you’ve got

You’ll hold their hand in yours
You’ll be there silently
Ever heedful
Ever loving
Forever there

A tranquil guardian
Amongst angels;
You shine like no other
The North Star dull in your comparison
For it is not the star that guides them,
But your endless flow of love
So, pure and innocent you are
Beautiful and young you stayed
Ever graceful and serene
An Angel amongst the stars

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