Soldier In Faith

You're fighting a battle,
Engaged in a war that was never yours,
Convinced yourself of the things you need,
Of who you need to be,
What you need to do.

You're fighting like a soldier,
Against the tide of ideas and accusations,
Made yourself believe,
That you needed to do this,
That you're happy doing this.

Down on the ground,
Kneeling before your master,
Can you remember when you were a free man?
When your life was shaped by your choices,
And no one could tell you otherwise.

Everything you've known,
Torn apart by war,
Caught in the struggles of your mind,
You're stuck inside this mess,
Trapped in a no man's land nowhere.

But nothing's changed,
You've just been far away,
You're still free,
The moment you decide to see,
Whether or not you're where you want to be.

Bombshells explode around you,
And you tried to run from the carnage,
Until your legs gave way and gave in,
You're standing in place now,
Feeling like you've done the impossible.

Something in you screams in protest,
You're bleeding in your brain,
Fears and anxieties leak from your mind,
But you're so afraid,
Of admitting that you're afraid.

You're like a soldier,
Coming home from war,
Lost in the remnants of your time away,
The lives that you've saved,
Can't erase the lives you've destroyed.

You're like a soldier,
Afraid to face a normal day,
Guilty with every breath,
Unsure of how you'll be seen,
Unsure of how and why thing's've changed.

Will you let this disease
Take you down and break your soul,
Shatter what remains?
You're still intact, I can swear to you,
As whole and sane as you ever were.

Fighting like a soldier,
Make your way back home,
You know there are people longing to see you,
People waiting to hear from you again,
Returning home, a soldier in faith.

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oceanbaby213 said...
Oct. 22, 2010 at 7:34 pm
Amazing... really haunting.
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