Killing a four letter word(LOVE)

September 23, 2010
By nunleysummer2008 BRONZE, Kingsville, Ohio
nunleysummer2008 BRONZE, Kingsville, Ohio
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Dear wrost memory,
Indulge me with your presence I'm starving for more lies,
your ember eyes burn through my dreams,
my silent wishes can only be seen through my heart,
your absence tears me apart,
I despise your disguise as one who is misleading your:
demanding screams,leave me ripped apart at the seams,
so now you are the enemy that I see in my dreams,
the future was near but never quite clear,
so I lie awake with the stars and think back to your loving arms,
hey nightmare where did you get that mask and why is it so fake?
This deathing silence will sawollow me whole and I wish for a moment that I was next to your soul,
and I wait and I procrasinate on what I'd like to say to you because when I see you walk away I know it is to late to grab ahold of you,
so puncture my heart and crush my dreams but this is goodbye from sincerely me.

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