the rainy day

September 11, 2010
By randommusiccats BRONZE, San Francisco, California
randommusiccats BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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The rain was starting to stop,
and there I sat,my hair dripping,
as it cleared a little girl wearing a pink jacket came over,
She held an umbrella over my head,
I smiled sadly and told her it had stopped raining already
she studied me with eyes wiser then it should have been,
No it hasn't she responded softly,
I frowned and looked up into the sky, a rainbow was starting to form.I felt tears slowly drip down my cheeks, I cried for some time, while the little girl simply held the umbrella over my head,
when I stopped she put her hand on my head,like I was a little child she needed to calm down,she smiled and said, "Now the rain has stopped."

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