Six Wins

September 11, 2010
This season, because of him we've had six wins
And that halo they gave him masks all of his sins
All they know is that he's good with a ball
They have no clue what he does outside these halls
And honestly no one really cares
It's a privilege that comes with the uniform he wears
He is a regular piece of high school royalty
Mostly because the public only sees what they choose to see

Because of him we've had six wins
You can do anything if you're in the position he's in
When he takes the field the crowd always roars
So everyone assumes the cheers continue outside these doors
No one really knows him, including myself
But I don't buy the stereotype, unlike everyone else
I guess I just see beyond the fame
That he got just because we have won a few games

Because of him we've had six wins
Could he do anything to make them not worship to be him
Is it impossible that any act could ever actually bring
Those lowly subjects to turn on their king?
I wonder what he would have to do to make them realize
That his perfection exists only in their eyes
But maybe I'm wrong and he is perfection and has always been
After all so far he's responsible for six wins

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