You Green-Eyed Geek

August 29, 2010
Once upon a time,
There was a green-eyed geek.
No wait,
Scratch that.
Maybe her eyes are blue?
Light brown?

Damn the light,
For impairing my ability
To judge the color
Of her sight.

… We’ll go with green-eyes.

So, this green-eyed geek
Is different.
But not in a bad way,
In an awesome way.

God, how lame.
Just writing about her
Makes me blush

She’s the type of girl
Who would wear a fluffy,
Rainbow tutu to school
And NOT care what other’s think.

She’s the type of girl,
Who stays up late writing poetry
And thinking about the mysteries
Behind the stars.

She’s the type of girl,
Who’s so short compared to me,
That I don’t care.

Because this green-eyed geek
Is so unbelievably cute
And unique
That I couldn’t even try

To focus on the fact
That she might legally
Be a midget.

Just kidding… I think.

This is a free verse,
About a green-eyed geek,
A testament of my feelings
Recorded in ink,
She’s so…

What’s really ironic,
Is that I want to become a writer,
And I have over sixty poems already,
And I cannot think of one description
That describes her awesomeness.

Green-eyed geek.
I hope you’re reading this,
You Junior,
Oddly WAY too much
In common

I hope you think I’m a complete
Because geeks and dorks
Go well together.
And I hope
That on the first day
Of school we hug,
Because odd enough,
They remind me of Three Musketeers Bars,
Which you seem to like too.
I think not.

Which makes our friendship
Totally irreplaceable.
Because I LOVE,
L O V E ,

Three Musketeers Bars.
And here’s a girl who finally
Understands why I think they’re Jesus Christ.

And Green-eyed geek,
Know that this is my first “crush” poem,
So bear with me,
Because my Grams always told me
To never write something unless you mean it.

And well, I guess what I’m trying to say is,
I like you green-eyed geek.
You make me,
Extremely calm, which can be tricky because I’m a walking stress ball,
Miraculously happy, even when
I’m sad- you remind me that I’m
Loved, and
You… Well, darn you for making me speechless. AGAIN.

And ya know what’s funny?

Chances are,

You already know.

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Avika1994 said...
Dec. 22, 2010 at 4:01 pm
heyy i was woundering if i can use ur free verse poem on a youtube vid that im making with my friend i wont say you name you'll be known as the boy who wrote this poem is its ok with you and i hope it is bc this inspired me to say something and well it well have the teenink link below but not of your work and all i ask is your permision if i can have ur poem on a youtube video? and if you dont want me too then thats fine also if you never get this then i wont say anything about it...
kmarie17 said...
Oct. 4, 2010 at 11:14 pm

AWWWW (: this is so cute! not only is it flat out adorable :P (and I'd  like would like to meet this green eyed geek for i bet we'd get along :P ) but its really awesome writing! ! !


Please check out my work and rate/comment on it if u have time!

thewriteidea This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 4, 2010 at 6:52 pm

i really like this! although it was long, it kept me captivated throughout the whole piece.nice!

rate/comment on some of my work, too if you'd like. keep writing!

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