Deviant Behavior

August 28, 2010
By Anonymous

First of all,
we do not use That word
Rather we refer to her as the lady as in
“Have you called the lady yet to schedule my thing”

And it’s nothing to be ashamed of,
but don’t tell anyone
because you know how kids can be
They might not understand
why you have to be here

In this airless waiting room of plastic trees
and magazines
preparing your words ahead of time
sorting your features into a look of impenetrable boredom and
hoping the others will mistake you for a delinquent
which would be so much more exciting than what you really are
which doesn’t have a name
that you know of

There’s nothing wrong with crying
(but don’t do it)

Now tell me what’s wrong
Tell me what I can help you with
Tell me about your childhood
How does that make you feel
It doesn’t make me feel anything you say
She says it’s all in your amygdala and
next week at four o’clock?
Yes, next week at four o’clock.

Today he was waiting for you at your car
asked if you were busy
if you wanted to do something
I can’t you said
I have this thing with a lady
What thing? What lady?
(You want to tell him
You want to tell him about the plastic trees
and the amygdala)
Just this thing. Just this lady.

You know how kids can be
(you thought as he walked away)
He might not understand

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