August 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Louise of the radiating smile
Louise of the serene eyes
Louise of the amiable voice

She’s an incredible person
A special woman
A true angel
She arrived in my life like an unexpected gift
An undeserved gift
One of a kind

She’s the Beauty, I’m the Beast
She’s the only one who believes in me
And cares about me
And likes me the way I’m
And thinks I’m special

She knows me better than anyone
She is the only one who sees
The little me, hurt and scared
Sad and confused
Inside this beast, who pretends for a while that everything is fine

How can somebody be so close living so far?

How can somebody be so beautiful when you cannot even see?
How can somebody be so special and not even making a single effort?
How can somebody like this exist?

I just want to touch her
Feel her warmth, her embrace
I just want one minute in her arms
Because I know that with her everything is going to be O.K.

She makes me happy
She makes me shine
But she has a doubled-edged sword
One edge that comforts me
That heals my wounds
And is always by my side, protecting me
Called “friendship”

And the another edge that hurts me
That is so long that pierces my skin and goes through my muscles and veins until my bones
And hurts like giving a candy to a kid and taking it away from her, continuing
Called “distance”

But it’s not her fault
I can’t blame her
It’s not her fault that she likes the same band I do
Or the same things
Or share similar scars

I’ve choose this
I was looking for someone, disbelieving that I would find
Tricking myself, thinking that someone so perfect would ever walk on Earth
Luckily someone does

Louise of the radiating smile
Louise of the serene eyes
Louise of the amiable voice
Louise, the untouchable, the unreachable
Funny, I didn’t know that angels really existed

The author's comments:
This is a poem that i wrote about my best friend. I really put everything i felt on it. I hope its good.

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on Oct. 13 2011 at 12:47 am
This is honestly amazing :)

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