September 22, 2010
By PinkPrincessme17 BRONZE, New York, New York
PinkPrincessme17 BRONZE, New York, New York
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The things left unsaid are what we forget...that matters the most.
She said, she said, she said...
He never remembers, always forgets
The meaning lies within
Within her thick skin that only she knows.
Within her the anger and resentment grows.
A place that has become her own.
A tree with broken branches but that is fully grown.
With not a light in the sky, there is no spark in her eye.
For she has been lost.
Lost in a world that screams so loud, yet beats so quiet.
You would think she was okay the way she smiled.
Although in her mind, no one could ever understand, not even if they walked a whole mile.
She said, she said. she said...but never said much.
They once were a sponge that never dried, now so much bitterness in the air, for the love has died.

The author's comments:
Plzz comment..This piece was actually written in about 5 min...Just had a random thought about women and relationships, so i decided to write. I figured there are many out there in unhappy relationships. This is very hypothetical and has nothing to do with me, but i'm sure many can relate in different aspects of a broken relationship. Hope you guys enjoy...thankx so much..

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